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We cannot expect our children to acquire a love for learning if we ourselves do not demonstrate it.
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Looking for some new and innovative workouts?

IP FIT offers a variety of programs focused on various levels of fitness. So if you are looking to improve your physical appearance and improve your skill set with some gymnastic elements, take a look at the programs below. Each program tab describes the contents of the training package, the fitness level, and a video overview.

All programs come with instructions and a clear program layout in table format with hyperlinks to a private video for a correct demonstration.

As part of the program, you also receive our EXCLUSIVE “Direct Coaching Feedback.” With Direct Coaching, you perform the exercise routine while videoing yourself and then email the video to our team of instructors. We will review your movements and reply with constructive feedback.

If you have any questions about any of the programs or products, feel free to Contact Us.

Do you want to enrich your relationship at home with your children?

Our goal is to teach parents and children interactive exercises that focus on fundamental movements while creating family bonds and influencing a healthy lifestyle.

IP FIT offers FUN FAMILY FITNESS PROGRAMS which will provide you with demonstrated home workouts designed to motivate you and your children to get off the sofa and interact as a family in the best way possible through fun and exciting exercises.

Download our free video of how to make your own personal parallettes which are used in many of our programs for specific exercises.